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Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd
Lexi Stuart earned a master’s degree in French Studies—but can’t find employment. So she moves back in with her parents, takes a job at a Seattle cafe, and becomes attracted to the owner, Luc—until disaster strikes! Will Lexi let God replace her dreams with the plans he has for her?

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Not Quite Adults: Why 20-Somethings are Choosing a Slower Path to Adulthood, and Why It’s Good for Everyone by Richard Settersten and Barbara Ray
Why are 20-somethings delaying adulthood? The media have flooded us with negative headlines about this generation, from their sense of entitlement to their immaturity. Drawing on almost a decade of cutting-edge research and nearly five hundred interviews with young people, Richard Settersten, Ph.D., and Barbara E. Ray shatter these stereotypes, revealing an unexpected truth.

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Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing the World by Don Tapscott

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