Kearny Military Appreciation Month Exhibit: Evelyn Nobel

Kearny Library Memorial Display

May was Military Appreciation Month as well as the month we celebrate Memorial Day.  To commemorate the occasion Kearny Library honored one of our own who recently passed away with a special display, put together by Rose Bradford.

Evelyn Noble served as a decorated military nurse for 13 years, including during WWII.  On display are pictures of her in her nurse’s uniform, as well as one of her in her fatigues on the firing line with the 451st General Hospital Group out of Phoenix and Tucson, dated August 1959.

Additionally, the exhibit contains correspondence written in 1947 to the Red Cross by a soldier who was wounded and under Nobel’s care, telling how much he appreciated her during his month long stay in the hospital. Lyndon B. Johnson, who was the representative from Texas at the time, responded to the soldier commending Nobel’s work.

Lastly, the exhibit also contained a number of  Noble’s paintings, as she was quite the artist. As a result of May’s display, all of the paintings were sold, with proceeds going to the Copper Basin Health Volunteers.

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