Kearny1On Tuesday May 30th, our Coffee and Conversation group welcomed District 8 State Senate hopeful, Sharon Girard and her husband Jerry, from Eloy.

Sharon sat and visited with our people, listened to their concerns and shared her own.
(Sharon is the  one with  long black hair, and husband Jerry is the one standing.)



Also in attendance was Kearny Town Manager Anna Flores (in the background next to Sharon’s husband Jerry).



Sharon is planning on making a return visit in the fall for anyone who is interested in visiting with her.



Our Summer Reading Program also started on the Tuesday May 30th with the
6-8 yearolds.

Program Schedule:
6-8 year olds—Mondays 11:00 am—12:30 pm
9-11 year olds—Wednesdays 10:00—11:00-11:30 am

Since the Theme this year is Building A Better World we decided to “build” things that fly, and learn about flying.

We played a game of Airplane “Concentration”.  We made large playing cards using airplane clipart on cardstock.  We made 2 “cards” of each picture, mixed them up and spread them on the floor for all to see.  We then divided them into 2 teams and each person go 1 chance to match a pair for their team.  The kids loved it.

Kearny3The kids made a simple glider using a straw and strips of paper taped together and to the straw.  They fly fantastic so we gave them a try for the camera.

In the background is John Putman, our main helper (John also started our Lego Club on Thursdays from 11:00am—1:00, in our Southwest Room). To the right is teen helper Jessica Rawson, and to the right of her is Robin Boatman.



The kids made LARGE folded planes as well


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