A Brief History of Kearny Public Library

The Kearny Woman’s Club, encouraged by one of its members, initiated the Woman’s Volunteer Library in 1958. This was accomplished through the Library Extension Service and affiliated with the State of Arizona. The Woman’s Club organized a youth recreation center in the summer of 1960 and the library was moved to the building that is now the local drugstore.

The Town of Kearny provided space in the town services building for the growing library in 1961. In 1965, when the Ray library was demolished, that library’s contents were given to the Kearny Library. Arthur Pomeroy, then mayor of Kearny, encouraged the building of new municipal facilities so the library could expand.

After Mr. Pomeroy’s death in 1969, the library was renamed the Arthur Pomeroy Library in recognition of the role he played in the development of our library. In 2008, after serving the community for 50 years, the library was renamed Kearny Public Library and is located in what is now named the Arthur E. Pomeroy Building.

Today, the Kearny Public Library maintains a wide array of material, in different media forms, but also has Internet Access & Wi-Fi for Kearny residents. As a member of the Pinal County Library District, Kearny residents can access millions of resources from across the county. For more information, contact the helpful, friendly Library Staff!